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Become an Outsourcing Expert & Hire Content Writer to Become More Productive & GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS

What you’ll learn
  • Hire content writers on your own and work with virtual staff
  • Increase your online presence through your blogs

  • Save time and instead start focusing on your business

  • How to work and mange your own virtual staff
  • Create content for your ebook
  • Create content for your podcast
  • Capture more leads from your blogs
  • Get more calls from potential clients
  • Learn how to find content writers
  • Interest in becoming more productive and working with a virtual staff



  • Why You Should Hire a Content Writer – the necessary ways how a writer can help your website and business
  • The Right People to Work With – what you should look for when hiring content writers
  • What Can a Content Writer Do For You – various tasks a content writer can do for you
  • What Kind of Content Should You Expect – what kind of content should you ask your writer for
  • Why Content Matter – is content really king?
  • Where to Find Content Writers – the best places to find your content writers
  • Step-by-Step Process in Finding and Hiring the Perfect Writer – clear instructions and sample templates to help you hire and manage your content writer
  • The Secrets to Success – super important lessons to look for when hiring content writers
  • Sources & Links to Help You Work with Content Writers – necessary tools to help you manage your writers


  • Over 17 video lectures clearly explaining the steps necessary in hiring and managing your content writers!
  • Lifetime access, ask questions, and see the newest information available about hiring content writers to grow your online business!
  • Template emails necessary to hiring your first content writer
  • Quick actionable resources & links to help you efficiently and successfully hire and manage your writers
  • This course is meant for entrepreneurs, bloggers, website owners, businesspersons, freelancers, and all-around go-getters who want to buy more time and become productive with their website and business.
  • Those who are looking to save time and money. Your time is valuable. That’s why I don’t fill up our course with useless jargon. You only get the necessary information you need.


Course content

21 lectures 01:06:24
Introduction to Course
How to Get the Most out of this Course
Why You Should Hire a Content Writer
What Type of Content Writers Should You Work With
The Right People to Work With
Let’s Get Started! How to Hire Content Writers
Step 1: Where to Find Content Writers
Step 2: Responding to Job Inquiries
Step 4: Assigning First Assignment
Step 5: Review of First Assignment & Assigning More Topics
★ Bonus: The Secrets to Success!
Other Important Resources
Sample Independent Contractor Agreement You Can Use to Hire Freelancers
7 pages
W-9 Form – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
1 page
Other Sources to Help You Work with Content Writers
Necessary Tools Links
Course Wrap-up
Course Summary & Wrap-up
Possible Ethical Concerns
How to Hire Content Writers to Grow Your Online Business
10 pages
Contact Me
★ Bonus Section: The Top Secret Bonus Items Are Here!
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