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Learn professional techniques targeting color in photography.

What you’ll learn
  • Enhancing images with color theory. In her class, Kasia will focus on the role that color plays in photography and other branches of the visual arts. She will dive into the basic properties of color, the principles of color harmony, and how to rely on the color wheel to create more dynamic works of art. You will also examine the cultural meaning of color, its emotional impacts, and how color helps imbue compositions with visual weight. Going far beyond a simple Photoshop retouching tutorial, Kasia’s class will ultimately help you to both better understand color and how to work with digital tools to create more interesting color photographs.
  • Using color to your advantage. Although artists use color subjectively, Kasia will teach you useful guidelines to remember as you begin your creative explorations. She will discuss traditional color schemes, and how to create a pallet that will direct viewer’s attention and enhance a sense of atmosphere in your images.

  • Working with color. You will gain a better understanding of hue, saturation, brightness, tone, shade, and tint. Kasnia will explore the color wheel, explain primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and show you how to use complementary color harmonies to make an image “pop.” In her brief, easy-to-follow Photoshop tutorials, she will also introduce you to the color picker tool, and how to use it to control and manipulate the color in your work.

  • Gauging color temperature. Kasia will explore how to use color temperature to describe indoor and outdoor light, and how to rely on kelvins to know whether your photograph will end up with a cool, warm, or neutral color scheme. With Kasia’s help, you’ll learn that when you use light temperature to set your photograph’s white balance, Photoshop enhancement techniques are easier to apply!
  • Creating dimension. You will follow along as Kasia talks about the dimensions of color, including value contrast, hue contrast, and saturation contrast, and how to use each to create depth and interest in your images.
  • Using tips and tricks. Kasia will show you how to use free online tools to design beautiful, effective color combinations. She’ll demonstrate how to use the tools to explore color schemes, and show you time-saving techniques to rely on when you are processing your photos.
  • Understanding digital techniques. Kasia will use the kind of accessible language found in Photoshop tutorials for beginners to explain how to process your photographs using the tools in Adobe’s program. She will give you step-by-step instructions for how to convert RAW files and enhance your image using her “no distraction” approach to color correction.
  • Finding light. You will learn the ways color is affected by light and its direction, and the advanced photography techniques you can use to develop the balance and beauty in your work.
  • Grading colors. Kasia will guide you through a complete color grading exercise designed to put her color theories into action. You’ll watch as she dramatically enhances portraits with complementary and harmonious colors, building warmer, more impactful images with the help of her techniques.
  • Ideally Photoshop CC, trial free version is more than enough
  • No prior knowledge of Photoshop is necessary, I will explain all the techniques in a simple way
  • We will work with high quality images provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster!

Welcome to the “Master Color in Photoshop CC”!

This course focuses on a role that color plays in photography medium.

We will target specifically photography, but the aspects of color we will discuss, closely relate to all branches of visual arts. We will start by examining the powerful impact that color has and it’s role in creating photographic artwork.

We will take a deep dive into color theory: we will talk about the color wheel – a visual system helping to organise colors, we’ll discuss the basic properties of color and the principles of color harmonies. Next we will focus on the meaning of color and its emotional impact.

The second part of the course addresses influence of color on photographic composition. We will discuss the role color plays in building Visual Weight and how we can create balance in photos by skilful color arrangement. You will learn how color is affected by light and its direction and what kind of action we can take to get desired results. We will close this section by looking at color’s importance in storytelling.

The third part of the course targets post processing techniques and tools that can be used to enhance colors in images. You will learn how to convert effectively a RAW file with the Photoshop plugin Adobe Camera Raw and how to improve it further in Photoshop. We will take a non-destructive approach to color correction that allows you greatest flexibility within your workflow.

In the final part of the course I will walk you through two complete color grading exercises. Here we will put into action the theory gathered from the previous sections. First we will be working with a female portrait and we will quite dramatically enhance colors in the image. We will apply the basic principles of complementary colors harmony.

The second image we will be working with is a male portrait, and we will color grade this photo to get a cool, silvery and airy look built with desaturated colors.

At the end of this course you will understand the strong impact that color has on your images. You will learn how to make conscious artistic decisions to enhance your artwork, based on color theory.
I will show you the most powerful Photoshop techniques that target color grading, starting from RAW conversion. We will work with high quality supporting materials, so you will be able to follow me along and progress in no time.

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Take this course if you are curious about color grading techniques behind striking portraits
  • Take this course to learn about the role that color plays in a medium of photography
  • Take the course to learn how to fix typical color related issues
  • Take this course to learn the basis of Color Theory
  • Take this course if you want to learn in detail powerful and flexible Photoshop techniques to improve your photos
  • Take this course if you are an artist and would like to introduce digital techniques in your creative process
  • Take this course if you want to develop artistic skills in fields of creative photo processing
  • Take this course if you love photography!

Course content

40 lectures 03:54:28
Welcome to the “Master Color in Photoshop CC”
The Power of Color
The Color Theory
The Three Properties of Color
The Three Dimensions of Color
Color Schemes
Color Wheel & Color Harmonies
Tint, Shade & Tone
The Meaning of Color
Color and Its Impact on Photographic Composition
Color and Photographic Composition
Visual Weight
Color in Image Creation
How Light Affects Color
Direction of Light
Color in Storytelling
RAW Conversion for Color Grade
RAW Evaluation
White Balance Adjustments
Exposure Correction
Removing Fringing
Noise Reduction
Hands-on Color Grading Exercise – Complete 1st Edit
Color Grade Quick Intro
Quick Cleanup with the Spot Healing Brush Tool
Setting the Stage for Dodge and Burn
Adding Depth to the Image with the Dodge & Burn Method
Selective Sharpening
Targeted Color Adjustments with the Hue & Saturation Tool
Targeted Color Adjustments with the Selective Color Tool
Enhancing the Shadow Range
Final Touches
Hands-on Color Grading Excercise – Complete 2nd Edit
Color Grade Quick Intro
Luminosity Adjustments
Dodge and Burn Preparations
Adding Depth to the Image with the Dodge & Burn Method
Targeted Luminosity Adjustments
Skin Tones Adjustments
Enhancing Highlights
Final Touches
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