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Get the results you want from targeted, niche traffic

What you’ll learn
  • Drive thousands of weekly traffic to their website
  • Design beautiful pins

  • network with other Pinterest marketers

  • Understand the importance of group boards
  • Create a stunningly visual display as your Pinterest profile
  • Have a website
  • An interest in generating more traffic to your website


Boost your traffic ten fold, or even 100 fold.

If it weren’t for Pinterest I wouldn’t be getting the thousands of weekly views I receive now. Gone are the days of true organic reach from the likes of Facebook where they have killed organic visitors in favour of paid advertisements.

Pinterest doesn’t do that.

Pinterest still allows people to search for what they need, and receive what they search for. This is best platform for growing your organic views by many, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn quite the foundation of Pinterest marketing here,

  • Design jaw dropping and aesthetically pleasing Pinterest profiles with no design skills
  • SEO to boost your page visitors
  • Best practices for getting niche traffic in
  • Free design tools
  • How I design MY pins
  • Paid programs that will boost your traffic even further

How you’ll benefit?

  • You’ll no longer be endlessly optimising your website through tireless SEO good practices to appear top in Google when you’ll find that just the fewest of tweaks on Pinterest can have you swarming with traffic.
  • You’ll also finally get those leads you’ve always wanted. At long last!

What is the content suitable for?

Any website that you are able to add your own content to. It can be a landing page, a blog, or even a full website. Up to you, your choice, it all works!

It’s also really good for affiliate marketing and people that want to showcase visual designs!

Who this course is for:
  • Zero experience needed. Beginner level. I take you through everything

Course content

12 lectures 01:22:45
Introduction to Pinterest Domination
Starting and customising your board
Your profile
Other boards and hot topics
Creating a board and managing pins
Creating your first pin
Creating your first pin
Pinning to your Pinterest Board
Group boards
Group Boards and Pin Groupie
Other applications to use
Board Booster
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